Some of Our Services Include:

High Value Loans

We supports businesses in emerging markets by providing medium-to long-term financing through loans and guaranties to eligible investments in emerging markets. By complementing the private sector, we can provide financing where conventional financial institutions often are reluctant or unable to lend.

Securing Your Business Future

We can meet the long-term capital investment financing needs of any size business in a wide variety of industries like information technology, health care, education, infrastructure, telecommunications, financial services, housing, agribusiness, etc.  The majority of our financing is used to cover the capital costs—such as design/engineering services, facility construction or leasehold improvements, and equipment—associated with the establishment or expansion of the foreign investment.

Helping Your Business Grow

We can also fund the expansion of lending capacity—such as microfinance, small business lending.  If you represent a pooled investment vehicle or a non-bank financial institution seeking funding, IBC NEVADA supports for these financial structures through our private investment fund.

We considers financing requests that are solely for the purpose of making an acquisition, limited acquisition costs may be financeable if additional capital will be expended to rehabilitate the investment.